What’s the Best Type of Residential Metal Roofing?

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If you’re interested in a metal roof for your home, you already know this material’s advantages. Metal roofs are durable and may never need to be replaced. They’re also energy efficient and, in the long run, will save you money—but you might be wondering what the best type of metal roofing is for your home.

Read on to find out more about each type of metal roof.

Standing seam vs. screw-down panel

There are two main types of metal roofs: standing seam and screw-down panel. While each of these systems has a place in the roofing field, standing seam metal roofing is considered a better choice for residential use.

In a standing seam metal roof, the panels are locked together at the seams. Under each seam is a clip which holds the panels together. This allows them to glide back and forth without restriction as the metal endures thermal expansion.

Screw-down panel metal roofing systems are installed via screws that go straight through each panel. This doesn’t allow for expansion and contraction. This means that, over time, the screws will eventually fall out of the metal panels and will need to be replaced. You can install a screw-down metal roof on your home, but it will lead to expensive maintenance and be prone to leaks.

Advantages of standing seam metal roofs

Standing seam metal roofs also have several other advantages over their screw-down counterparts. One is the painted finish on the metal panels. This finish (referred to as Kynar 500) will protect the metal panels from wear and tear and ensure that your roof has the longevity you’d expect. It also prevents fading over time. If you’ve picked a particular shade for your roof, this finish will ensure that it looks beautiful for years to come.

Standing seam metal roof systems also don’t require much maintenance. Really, the only maintenance that will need to be done is at vent pipes, gas pipes and any other penetrations. Other than that, only general maintenance like cleaning is required. This is a significant advantage over screw-down metal roofs, which require replacement of the screws every five years.

Under ideal conditions, you can expect a standing seam metal roof to last up to 50 years. Many of these roofs come with decades-long guarantees due to their durability.

Cost of metal roofs

There’s one area where screw-down metal roofs have an advantage over standing seam metal roofs: price. The installation of a screw-down metal roof is going to be less; however, due to constant maintenance costs associated with these roofs, the standing seam type is still a better choice when it comes to saving money.

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