What Does “Green Roofing” Mean?

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One of the latest new trends in commercial roofing is called “green roofing,” and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with moss growth on roofs that need roof repair in New Bern, NC. Instead of being covered with traditional tar or small rocks, green roofs are full of grass, shrubs, greens, flowers, walking paths and even ponds. They’re becoming increasingly popular across the globe, particularly in big cities where outdoor green space is at a premium. The post will cover more about green roofs and how one could benefit your business:

  • Gardening: It’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t enjoy fresh fruit or vegetables. The only problem is finding somewhere to grow a garden, particularly in a crowded urban area. The solution may be on the rooftop of a commercial building. Companies with green roofs have been known to plant gardens full of delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs that are cooked and served in the cafeteria.
  • Meetings: When the sun is shining on those beautiful spring and summer afternoons, the last place anyone wants to be is cooped up in an office building. That’s not necessarily an issue for employees who work in a building with a green roof. All it takes is a few tables and chairs up on the roof, and you’ve got a wonderful outdoor meeting space.
  • Exercise: As mentioned above, green roofs often incorporate walking paths that crisscross through the vegetation. The paths are a great way for employees to get a little exercise and stay active without straying far from the office.
  • Stormwater runoff: The vegetation planted on green roofs can help deal with heavy stormwater runoff that might otherwise cause leaks on a traditional roof. The plants obviously absorb a ton of the excess rainwater. Additionally, any water that isn’t consumed by the plants can be stored in a cistern to water the plants at a later date. This cistern water could also be used to flush toilets in the building, reducing the company’s reliance on city water.

Is a green roof right for your company?

If you own a business with a flat roof, you might want to consider upgrading to a green roof. Here are a few of the reasons to make the switch:

  • Save money: After installing a green roof, you could notice monthly savings almost immediately. Green roofs provide great insulation for buildings, lowering heating and cooling bills. Additionally, utilizing stormwater runoff slashes water bills.
  • Less upkeep: Apart from weeding and watering, green roofs may require less maintenance than traditional commercial roofs. With a green roof, you could save a ton of money on roof repair in New Bern, NC and rest easy at night knowing your green roof will have fewer problems.
  • Happier employees: Every business owner should strive to make his or her employees as happy as possible. After all, a happy employee is often a more productive one. An excellent way to improve morale around the office is to set up a green roof that includes walking trails and outdoor meeting space.

Whether you’d like to know more about the latest roofing trends or you need roof repair in New Bern, NC, be sure to call our professionals at Dallas Cherry Roofing. Regardless of your question or problem, our team has the answer!

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