Tips for Checking Your Roof After a Storm

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Storms can do quite a bit of damage to your roof, even if you didn’t see any significant hail or precipitation. The winds from the storms by themselves can cause enough damage to warrant roof repairs or, in some extreme cases, roof replacement in New Bern, NC.

For this reason, after a storm passes through your area, it’s important to step outside and perform a quick visual inspection of your roof to see if there’s any damage from wind, hail or other issues that arose during the storm. If you notice some problems on the roof, make sure you document them and get in touch with a trusted roofing contractor as soon as possible to come in and correct the issues.

So how exactly do you spot damage on the roof after a storm? Here are some tips:

  • Look for missing shingles: This is going to be the most obvious sign of storm damage. You might even notice shingles lying on the ground near your house. But if you see missing shingles or shingles that appear to be lifting up after a storm, this is going to be an issue you’ll need to address as soon as possible.
  • Look for leaks or water damage: The first place you check should be your attic, as this is the area directly underneath the roof. If you see any signs of leaks or water damage, then you’re going to need a roofer to go up top and check out the problem. You should also look out for stains that appear to be resulting from water on your ceiling or walls—this most likely indicates you have a leak coming through your roof.
  • Look up from the ground: As we already mentioned, you might notice shingles lying on the ground, which are an obvious sign that your roof sustained some damage during a recent storm. You should also check for missing pieces of metal flashing, and any metal pieces that might have come off from your chimney. Be sure to check the condition of any exhaust pipes, valleys, angles and outer edges where the walls meet the roof.
  • Check for hail damage: If you had a hailstorm pass through your area, go out and check for damage after it’s passed. You’ll probably notice hail damage on your siding first, but it might also cause dimples and impressions in your shingles, especially if the hail was large.
  • Check for other environmental damage: You’ll notice pretty quickly if a tree or a large tree branch fell on your roof. If that happens, it’s a good idea to stay away from your home until a professional is able to assess the structural condition of the house.

In general, it’s a good idea to avoid getting on the roof yourself to check for damage unless you have the professional training needed to do so safely. Contact Dallas Cherry Roofing to speak with a professional in roof repair in New Bern, NC who can come out, assess your damage and recommend the best steps forward.

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