Reasons to Repair or Replace Your Roof in the Fall

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Summer is once again coming to a close. The kids are back in school, football is on TV and the leaves will soon begin to turn from green to brilliant shades of orange and yellow. Fall weather doesn’t just bring cooler temperatures and changing leaves, though—it also brings about the perfect time to repair or replace your roof. Continue reading to learn why autumn is a contractor’s favorite time of year for roof replacement in New Bern, NC:

  • Damage gets worse in the winter: Constant freezing and thawing, frigid winds and ice storms make winter one of the worst seasons for your roof. If a roof without any issues has a hard time during the winter, just imagine what it’s like for a roof that’s damaged and in need of roof repair in New Bern, NC. Calling us now to make repairs (or to replace your roof altogether) will ensure that your roof doesn’t become more damaged throughout the cold months.
  • Shingles seal faster: Getting your shingles to form a tight seal is crucial. An airtight seal ensures that there won’t be any leakage during a storm and that your roof can withstand frigid winter temperatures. Autumn afternoons when the temperature is above 50 degrees are the best time to lay down shingles, especially if you’re using asphalt. These 50-degree days are ideal, because the shingles will seal quickly and adhere properly due to a process called thermal sealing. Additionally, your roofers won’t be too hot up on the roof on these pleasant afternoons!
  • Evaluate summer damage: Rainstorms and heavy winds during the summer can cause pretty serious roof damage. However, this damage isn’t always obvious. There are many instances in which roofs are seriously compromised, yet the homeowner is unaware because they can’t see the damage from the ground. The only way to ensure your roof is holding up okay is to call a professional now to inspect it. As we’ve seen above, damage gets a lot worse in the winter, so call now for an inspection!
  • Better time management: Awful weather can seriously delay roofing projects. Special steps need to be taken during roof work when the temperatures are too hot or too cold. Luckily, that’s not really an issue during the fall. Your autumn roof replacement in New Bern, NC will be performed much faster than it would in the winter or summer.
  • Save money: Last, but certainly not least, put a new roof on now to save yourself some money on your heating bill this winter. Gaps in the roof allow your heat from inside to flow freely outside, and allow the chilly outside air to come in. Letting us repair those gaps will ensure your heat stays inside where it should be.

Don’t wait one more minute to call Dallas Cherry Roofing for roof repair in New Bern, NC. Plenty of homeowners already know that fall is the best time of year for roof work, and our schedule is filling up quickly. We look forward to working with you soon!

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