How the Color of Your Roofing Shingles Affects Your Home

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The colors around you in your home affect everything, from the aesthetics to your mood. You may not know that the color of your roof can have an even greater effect on the ambience of your home than the colors on your walls! The color of the shingles on your roof can have a great impact on the internal temperature of your home, as well as the reaction your home has to different weather conditions. Before your next shingle replacement in New Bern, NC, read up on the ways in which your roof color affects your home.

Your roof and heat absorption

When it comes time for your next roof replacement in New Bern, NC, you may want to reconsider the color of your roof. You may not know that the color of your roof affects the way your home absorbs heat. Lighter roofs reflect heat rays from the sun, resulting in cooler internal temperatures. On the opposite end of the spectrum, darker colored roofs absorb heat and may transfer that heat inside, resulting in higher indoor temperatures.

Depending on the season, the color may benefit your home more than at other times. In the summer, you may be wishing for a lighter roof to cut down on energy costs and enjoy cooler temperatures indoors. However, during the winter, you may be glad that your roof is able to absorb the sunlight and heat during the day to keep energy costs lower and enjoy warmer interior temperatures. Snow is also affected by roof color. Darker roofs, since they absorb more heat, melt snow faster. This is why dark roofs are popular in cold, snowy climates. They absorb more heat, melt snow more quickly and keep homes warmer in the winter. Before your next roof replacement in New Bern, NC, you may want to consider temperature and heat absorption when choosing your shingle color.

Aesthetic considerations

While heat transfer is important, it’s not the only factor to account for when deciding what color to choose for your next roof. You may want to coordinate the color of your shingles with the other colors on your home’s exterior, like siding, trim, stone and doors. You’ll also want to think about the architecture and style of your home, and which colors work best with your style. Dark colors will make your home look smaller, while lighter colors open up the space and make it look larger. You may also want to consider what the other houses look like in your neighborhood, and if your homeowner’s association has any rules or regulations about colors on your home or roof. If you want an unusual color or are concerned or confused about heat absorption and what’s best for your home, contact your roofing specialist for their expert input.

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