How Do You Know if You Have Proper Roof Ventilation?

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Regardless of the time of year, having proper ventilation for your roof is a must. To keep your energy bills in check and your HVAC running optimally, you will need to be able to identify some of the signals that your roof needs a more effective ventilation system in place. Follow along with this guide to learn about a few of these telling signs, and how having good roof ventilation can help prevent roof repair in New Bern, NC:

  • Visual inspection: In order to determine whether your roof has the ventilation it needs, you can first take a look to see what kind of system is currently in place. There are various types of ventilation systems used for residential roofing, but two of the most common are ridge and gable vents. Ridge ventilation uses low profile vents that run the entire length of the roof sitting atop the peak. If you spot a louvered opening near the triangle on the side of your house where the two opposing slopes meet, gable ventilation is being used.
  • Ice dams: The very same warm air that keeps you and your family comfortable during the winter months will need a way to escape as it rises through the ceiling to the attic. Without ventilation, the snow on the roof will melt as it’s warmed up by the trapped attic air, only to refreeze when it reaches the eaves, where the temperature is cooler. The large ice dams that start to form on the sides of your house as a result are a telltale sign that your roof needs better ventilation.
  • Overheating in the attic: During the summer, the sun can turn your attic into an oven if proper ventilation is not in place. In addition to potentially increasing your energy bills, the direct heat from the sun could bake and deteriorate the shingles as well. If you go up to your attic and it’s abnormally hot for the season, or the ceiling on the top floor of your home is warm when you touch it, you will need to look into more effective ventilation options right away.
  • Condensation build up: During the winter, you may notice frost or condensation building up on the rafters or sheathing of your attic. This is because the warm air that is rising up from below contains moisture that will condense if there is no ventilation to allow for its escape.

Without proper roof ventilation, the condition of both your roof and your home could suffer. Our team at Dallas Cherry Roofing understands the amount of attention ventilation systems need with old and new roofing alike, and using high-quality materials, precision and expertise, we will make sure your roof has everything it needs to successfully serve you well into the future. To learn more about how you can avoid roof repairs with a good roof ventilation system in New Bern, NC, make sure you give us a call today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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