How Do Solar Panels Affect Your Roof?

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A common concern among homeowners considering installation of solar panels is that the process of installing the panels will damage their roof. Considering how long the panels will last on a rooftop (30 years or more), it’s understandable that homeowners would want to make sure they’re not causing any unnecessary damage to their rooftop by placing solar panels there.

The good news is that, so long as the panels are properly installed, damage to your roof is extremely unlikely. Here’s what you should know about the installation of solar panels in New Bern, NC and the precautionary steps installation teams will use to protect your roof.

Proper installation is necessary

As previously stated, proper installation will prevent any damage caused to your roof by solar panels. Therefore, make sure the company you’re working with for the installation is reputable, has all its licenses, certifications and insurance policies and has experience in conducting this kind of work. This isn’t a DIY type of job—you’re going to want trained professionals handling the installation process to ensure it’s completed properly.

During the installation process, workers drill a series of holes in the roof to secure the racking that then holds the panels. Lag bolts are placed through the holes to secure the panels in place. These bolts are designed to withstand long-term exposure to even the most extreme types of weather conditions. The use of these holes and bolts is unavoidable—just about every type of solar installation will use them, with their size and depth dependent on the materials used to make the roof.

Homeowners often hear “there will be holes drilled in your roof” and begin to panic. However, there are other measures implemented by the solar technicians to make sure the roof avoids any leakage and that the structural integrity of the roof is not compromised. Every bolt fixture will be surrounded by flashing, which will keep water from running through those new holes. The flashing will then be sealed with tar or a similar type of material to close it off even further. Then, the hole in which the lag bolt has been placed gets filled with a special type of roofing sealant to protect against potential water seepage. When all of these processes are employed, there is no need for concern about potential roof leaks or vulnerabilities.

Another concern many homeowners tend to have is the weight of all the solar panels on top of their roof. This is something you shouldn’t need to concern yourself with. Your roof is designed to hold significantly more weight than you might expect, and even with a couple dozen solar panels up there, there’s still plenty of capacity for it to hold up. If you’re worried about the extra weight of snow combined with those solar panels, there’s also no need to fear, because the angle at which the panels are installed means the snow will slide off.

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