Common Summer Roofing Problems

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Every season has its own challenges, and summer is no exception. When it comes to roofing repairs in New Bern, NC, several potential problems may creep up on your roof. It’s important to recognize these issues to deal with them promptly. This will help you avoid more extensive roofing repairs in the future and additional damage to your home.

This summer, be aware of the following problems that could occur. Partner with a professional for roofing repairs in New Bern, NC to tackle any issues that come up over the course of the season.

Summer Growth

This issue isn’t a reference to the inches your kids might gain between school years. When it comes to roofing, summers are often a time for algae and moss growth. The heat and moisture create an ideal environment for these organisms to spread. As they do, they can damage the structure of your roof and the property beneath it. If not removed, they can cause extensive (and expensive) damage. Watch for algae and moss growth and contact a professional for assistance in removing it as soon as possible.

Summer Storms

The wind and rain that make up summer storms can wreak havoc on your roof. Strong winds often pull off shingles, and the rain that follows can find its way into your home through a leaky roof. If your area experiences severe weather, look for shingles on the ground or missing shingles on the roof. Check your attic regularly for leaks. If you notice any of these issues, contact a professional for roofing repairs in New Bern, NC.

Summer Sunshine

Just like your skin, your roof can be damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays. Shingles can dry out, then crack. They may fall off the roof. As your roof ages, watch for signs that the sun is taking its toll. You may need roofing repairs in New Bern, NC, or it may be time for a new roof.

Summer Heat

How is the ventilation in your attic? If it is insufficient, hot air becomes trapped in the attic, moisture develops and the resulting environment can shorten your roof’s lifespan. Check the ventilation in your attic. If the summer heat is trapped in there, consider creating a better ventilation system to prevent the need for roofing repairs in New Bern, NC.

Summer Wildlife

Your roof is exposed to all the living environment that surrounds it. As trees grow and sprout leaves during the summer, they may come too close for comfort to your roofline. Branches, especially during a storm, can do damage to your roof. Animals who want to make a home for themselves in your attic or chimney may also cause damage as they burrow their way in. Keep an eye out for any of these issues or call a professional to have your roof inspected annually.

Summer Solution

If you need roofing repairs in New Bern, NC this summer, contact the professionals at Dallas Cherry Roofing. We offer the experience, knowledge and equipment necessary to keep your roof in top shape. Reach out to us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment!

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