What You Should Know Before Having a New Roof Installed

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Although the prospect of a new roofing installation can be exciting, all of the choices that must be made to ensure you’re choosing the right roof for your home can be overwhelming. Fortunately, your local roofing specialists are here with four important tips related to new roofing in New Bern, NC that you should keep in mind as you get the process underway:

  • Choosing the right material: When choosing the best material for your roof, you will have to weigh several factors, such as the price, the overall look and how long you want the roofing to last. As with most things, if you are interested in making a good long-term investment in your roof, you will have to purchase higher quality materials. If your budget is the guiding factor, you may have to sacrifice this extended lifespan. For example, one of the most common and economical types of material used for roofing is asphalt shingles. If you want your roof to last longer, though, you might have to consider concrete shingling, as it is typically stronger and able to withstand various weather conditions over the years.
  • Layering on or peeling off: When making plans for a new roof, you will need to decide between removing the existing roof or layering the new roof on top of what’s currently there. Again, the amount of time and money you have set aside for the project will determine what is best for you. Adding another layer onto your existing roof is the most economical choice, but this does add more stress to the top of your home. For this reason, removing the old shingles for a brand-new installation is recommended. Shingling that is very old or in particularly poor condition should also be replaced.
  • Roof frame: Before construction begins on your new roof, it is critical to make sure that the roof deck underneath will be able to support the new installation. If leaking has been a problem in the past, or the plywood is soft or broken in spots, it is best to have the frame replaced before moving forward. This will help to extend the lifespan of your roof, while also helping to prevent major leaking issues down the road.
  • Finding the right contractor: When you are working with the right contractor, you will have an experienced professional helping you with some of these tough decisions along the way. When looking for a contractor, be sure to conduct extensive research based on the type of roofing you are interested in, and always check the company’s references before signing a contract.

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