What Is Roof Maintenance?

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Owning a home or commercial building comes with a lot of responsibility, and roof maintenance is one of those important tasks. If you’re committed to keeping your building in the best shape possible, you’ll need to make roof maintenance part of your regular to-do list. So, what is roof maintenance, and how can you ensure your structures stay in pristine condition?

How to maintain your roof

Here are some tips to help you care for your roof and ensure it enjoys a long lifespan:

  • Find a good roofing contractor: Knowing you have a good roofing contractor on hand is a good way to maintain peace of mind. Even if you find a problem, you’ll know who to call. To find a good contractor, ask for recommendations from fellow homeowners or business owners in your area, compare reviews and find out how much they charge for various maintenance tasks. If you find that you have missing shingles, for example, you’ll know where to go and what to expect from the bill.
  • Brush debris away: Keeping debris off your roof is necessary to ensure it remains in good shape. Not only can falling branches and other items puncture your roof, but debris may also trap moisture in the area. That can lead to water damage and a host of other problems. If you notice debris on the roof, gently brush it away as soon as possible. Make sure that if the debris falls in the gutters, you clean it out right away.
  • Clean your gutters: Your gutters help divert water away from your roof and foundation. When they clog, the water can overflow. This damages your roof as well as the structural integrity of your building. Make sure to clean your gutters on a regular basis to ensure the water doesn’t cause damage.
  • Keep foot traffic to a minimum: There are times where you or your roofing contractor may need to go up on the roof for inspection and repairs, but try to keep those occasions to a minimum. Walking on the roof can break or dislodge shingles, among other issues. When inspecting the roof for damage, stay on the ground or on a ladder.
  • Inspect the roof regularly and after storms: Speaking of inspections, you should keep a close eye on your roof. Every month and after every major storm, you should take a pair of binoculars and look over the entire roof. If there are signs of damage, like missing shingles, plant growth, sagging or other issues, call a roofing contractor right away. The sooner you repair the damage, the better protected your building will be.
  • Keep a log of maintenance tasks. Finally, keep a log of your maintenance tasks. This is especially important if you’re a business owner, but it’s a good idea for homeowners as well. You’ll know exactly when you last had repairs, performed regular maintenance or noticed a potential issue. That helps your roofing contractor solve problems faster—and it’s a helpful document if you plan to sell the home or building.

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