The Pros and Cons of Winter Roof Replacement in New Bern, NC

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The spring, summer and fall are the most popular seasons for commercial and residential roofing work. But that doesn’t mean that roofers are opposed to installing new roofs once the temperatures drop! This post will teach you what you need to know about calling roofing contractors for roof replacement in New Bern, NC in the winter months.


As you can imagine, there are a couple of good reasons to have your roof replaced in the winter. Otherwise, we’d just take a long vacation and pick back up in the spring! These are a few reasons why you should replace your roof this season:

  • Sometimes it’s necessary: It should come as no surprise that winter winds, snow, sleet and ice can wreak havoc on your roof. If you have a leak or other major roofing problems after a heavy snowfall, you can’t wait around until spring to remedy that problem. Small roof repairs might be enough to keep your home leak-free until the spring, but if the damage is severe enough, you should consider replacing your roof altogether.
  • Easier scheduling: We do our best to accommodate all of our customers as soon as possible. However, there are only so many hours in a day, and we can’t always get around to replacing or repairing roofs as soon as we’d like to. The good news is that scheduling issues are much less of a problem in the winter. Since we have fewer customers this time of year, we can typically replace your roof almost as soon as you call us.


As with many things in life, there are also a couple of cons to having your roof replaced in the winter. The points below are two of the main reasons why our schedule isn’t jam-packed for the next couple of months:

  • Material problems: Frigid temperatures pose a problem for the asphalt shingles we use. Cold asphalt shingles don’t adhere to your roof and are prone to cracking during roof replacement in New Bern, NC. The way we combat this issue is by keeping shingles inside in a warm environment until it’s time to get to work. Additionally, we try our best to only work in the sunshine, when the roof is warmer and better to work on.
  • Unreliable weather: As you know, winter weather can be pretty unpredictable. One day it could be nice and sunny, and the next we could be in the middle of a snowstorm. These poor conditions slow down the time it takes to complete your roof replacement, as we can’t work when the weather is nasty outside. It’s important to keep in mind that your project may take longer in the winter than it would in the spring, summer or fall.

Regardless of the season, be sure to choose Dallas Cherry Roofing for your roof replacement in New Bern, NC. Give us a call today to get a quote for roof replacement or to learn more about all of the services we can provide for your home.

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