The Importance of Proper Cleanup After Roofing Services

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If you thought the roofing process was finished once the new roof is on, think again. Before the crew can call it a day, reputable contractors will perform full on-site roofing cleanup in New Bern, NC. Keep reading to learn why cleaning up is such an important part of the job:

  • Protect property: A messy work site can cause damage to your home, vehicles and landscaping. Any quality roofing contractor will clean up to ensure there isn’t the possibility of causing damage while trying to fix your roof.
  • Avoid injuries: Stepping on nails, discarded shingles or any roofing equipment could cause severe injuries for you or your family members. Before walking around outside, ensure the roofers have cleaned up their mess, and that there are no hazards on the ground.
  • Preserve landscaping: As mentioned above, roofing materials and other debris can harm the grass and plants surrounding your home. This problem is compounded if the mess sits around for a while, as it may kill the grass.
  • Keep up appearances: Needless to say, a yard full of roofing debris is quite the eyesore! The roofing team shouldn’t leave you to clean up after their mess. Instead, they should do it once they’re done with the job.

Signs your roofer cleans up properly

All quality roofers have a few cleanup traits in common. If your roofer demonstrates the signs below, he’s doing something right:

  • Lays down tarps: The first thing your roofing contractor should do is lay down tarps around your home. On top of protecting the grass below, tarps will make cleanup easier for the roofers once they’re done. If your contractor doesn’t start by laying down tarps, stop and ask what he’s thinking!
  • Keeps an organized job site: Having tools and materials scattered all across your yard and driveway is a bad look and can harm your property. It could also be a sign that the roofers are inexperienced. A quality roofer should have all of their materials in one space, hopefully on a tarp.
  • Cleans up daily: Hopefully, your chosen contractor doesn’t wait until the last day of the project to clean everything up. Trust us—full on-site roofing cleanup in New Bern, NC is a lot harder if you don’t tidy up after each day is complete. Daily clean ups include things like picking up all of our materials and discarded shingles and checking for any nails in the yard.

Trust Dallas Cherry Roofing

At Dallas Cherry Roofing, we pride ourselves on the quality roof work we perform. Nobody beats our level of service or prices when it comes to making repairs or re-roofing entire homes. Additionally, when you work with us, you can count on us tidying up your yard after we finish working for the day.

If you want a roofing company that provides full on-site roofing cleanup in New Bern, NC, then be sure to call our team at Dallas Cherry Roofing. Whether we re-roof your entire home or make some minor repairs, you can rest easy knowing we’ll always clean up after ourselves.

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