The Different Types of Roofing for Commercial Buildings

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From slate to asphalt or even terra cotta, we know there are many types of roofing materials for homes. What you may not know is that there are many different materials used for commercial roofing, too. Keep reading to learn what materials are used in commercial roofing to see what might be best for your business.

Thermoplastic roofing

Thermoplastic roofing membranes are single-ply roofing systems that can have a 20-year lifespan if they’re installed correctly. In addition to their durability, they’re more resistant to temperature extremes than other roofing materials.

This is a fantastic option for businesses located in the desert, where summertime temperatures soar well into the triple digits. But just because we don’t have those extreme temperatures in North Carolina doesn’t mean your company can’t benefit from thermoplastic roofing.

Metal roofing

An increasingly popular choice among homeowners, metal started as one of the most common materials that businesses use for commercial roofing. Metal roofs are fire and wind resistant, while providing excellent interior temperature control. Plus, these roofing systems are nearly maintenance free for your peace of mind.

Talk to your roofing expert about installing a new metal roof that’ll be the perfect color to match the exterior of your building.

Built-up roofing

When we think of what materials are used in commercial roofing, we often think of built-up roofing (BUR). This is probably the most common type of commercial roof in the United States. BUR has multiple layers of protection, allowing the membranes to withstand wear and tear while aiding in insulation. Asphalt, gravel and tar are a few of the most common materials used for BUR.

EPDM roofing

Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) roofing is made of synthetic rubber, offering superior reflectance rates and a 50-year lifespan. In addition to their longevity, these roofs typically cost less than some of the other options—you’ll get fantastic ROI on your EPDM roof.

The high reflectance rate also helps lower your monthly heating and cooling bills, so the savings just keep coming. Talk to your roofing expert to see if EPDM might be a good choice for you.

Modified bitumen roofing

This one is a roofing system composed of layers of fabric, typically made of polyester, glass fiber or a combination of the two. The layers are easily applied by roofing experts and result in a durable, waterproof roofing system that provides excellent energy efficiency. Thanks to your monthly energy savings, a modified bitumen roof could pay for itself in no time.

Talk to our team about getting a new roof

Your roof’s longevity mainly depends on the material and how well you take care of it, but chances are you’ll need a new one at some point. And when that day comes, be sure to choose Dallas Cherry Roofing. We offer free estimates for all of our services, so there’s no point in not seeing what we can do for you.

Call our team today to get your free estimate for roof replacement or to learn more about the common materials that businesses use for commercial roofing.

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