Talk to a Roofing Contractor in New Bern, NC About the Difference Between Re-Roofing and Roof Replacement

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Your roof is one of the most important structural aspects of your home. A good roof shelters your structure from the elements and is able to withstand a wide range of weather and temperature changes. Because of all of the circumstances our roofs are exposed to, their condition can deteriorate over a number of years. If you’ve determined that it’s time to look into an update to your roof, you’ll want to consider all of the options available to you so that you get the best result for the best value.

When it comes to roofing repair, the two main options available to you are re-roofing and roofing replacement. Both of these options have distinct benefits as well as aspects that should be considered before you decide on the best course of action. If you’re unsure of the best route to take with your particular situation, you can always ask for advice or a consultation from a professional roofing contractor in New Bern, NC.

The basics of re-roofing and roof replacement

Re-roofing is a method that involves layering new shingles atop older or damaged ones. This method of roofing repair can only be done once, leaving a roof with two layers of shingles, so it is not possible to re-roof again if it has already been done before. Roof replacement consists of a complete stripping of current shingles and an entirely new installation of felt paper and shingles. With roof replacement, any prior re-roofing is inconsequential and will not interfere with the replacement, since all of the shingles will be coming off of the roof regardless.

Another distinction between re-roofing and roof replacement is the time that it takes for each option to be completed. Since re-roofing involves the installation of new shingles over existing shingles, negating the need for a tear-off of your old roofing material, it takes much less time than roof replacement. In addition, because it is less labor intensive, re-roofing services from a roofing contractor in New Bern, NC tend to cost less than a roof replacement.

Aside from the time it takes and the potential cost, re-roofing also differs from roof replacement when it comes to your ability to detect problems with your roof. While missing or declining shingles may be apparent, more extensive problems with your roof itself can be hidden below the surface. A re-roofing project will not reveal these concerns because the existing shingles will remain in place. With a roof replacement, a roofing contractor in New Bern, NC will be able to assess whether there is any damage to your roof that may be cause for concern.

Selecting a roofing contractor in New Bern, NC

When you’re ready to find out more about re-roofing or roof replacement from a roofing contractor in New Bern, NC, reach out to Dallas Cherry Remodeling & Construction. We have been specializing in all things roofing for decades, and we can provide you with the professional, high-quality installation, repair and service you need to get your roof into spectacular shape. Your roof provides shelter for your home, so make sure it is well taken care of by our team of professional roofing experts.

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