Should I Reroof in the Spring, Summer or Fall?

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You already know it’s time to reroof your home. The real question is when to tackle the project. Installing roofs in the spring will lead to weather-related delays, and the oppressive heat of summer is less than ideal. Winter is out of the question, which means fall roofing is the way to go. Here are the benefits of reroofing your New Bern, NC home in the fall.

Fall installations are less expensive

Every other homeowner in New Bern, NC will scramble to get their roofs fixed before winter hits. Though contractors are busy during the fall, do the best you can to schedule repairs so your roof is fortified against the dangers of frigid weather. If you skip fall repairs, ice will make its way through the smallest holes and cause damage that requires immediate attention. An emergency visit from your roofing contractor will cost way more than if you had scheduled repairs back in the fall.

You’ll save money with fall roofing because shingles are meant to be installed when the weather is mild, not during extremely hot or cold temperatures. Sure, contractors have more room in their schedule during winter. However, winter installations are more expensive because the freezing temperatures make shingles more prone to breaking and require contractors to work more slowly.

Mild temperatures aid thermal sealing

Installing a roof during autumn in New Bern, NC is your best option because it’s the reprieve after hot summers and the calm before winter storms. Autumn brings with it the perfect weather conditions for repairing vulnerable spots on your roof. Contractors can work more efficiently because they’re not bogged down by the summer heat, and they don’t have to worry about the unpredictable rain showers of spring.

Mild temperatures do more than provide favorable working conditions. Shingles depend on a natural process called thermal sealing for proper installation. Thermal sealing occurs when temperatures above freezing and heat from the sun bond two surfaces together. The seal strips on the bottom side of shingles adhere to roofs when outdoor temperatures range between 40 and 50 degrees.

Prepare the roof for winter storms

Winter puts your roof to the test more than any other season. Occasionally, snow piles up and will stay on the roofs of New Bern, NC homes. What’s even worse is when snow melts and refreezes in the cracks between shingles. While spring showers glide off your roof, ice and snow like to sit there and infiltrate the weak spots you didn’t even know were there.

Fall roofing is a must for homeowners who don’t want to take their chances against intense winter storms. Installing roofs in the winter is not only dangerous for workers, but also too late to establish an airtight, water-resistant seal. Hire a contractor to fortify your roof before winter settles in.

Before summer draws to a close, book an appointment with your local contractors at Dallas Cherry Roofing. Our trained experts provide reroofing services to homes all across New Bern, NC in preparation for winter. Time slots fill up fast, so grab your spot today!

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