Keep an Eye Out for Hidden Roof Damage After Storms

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Here in North Carolina, we have been no strangers to big storms in the last couple years, especially during hurricane seasons. Big, windy storms can be quite forceful and can send a whole lot of unexpected debris flying around your property. During these storms, your roof could sustain some damage. Sometimes storm damage to roofs is obvious, but other times it’s much more difficult to see. For example, sometimes the shingles can get forced upward and then fall back down into their original position, which can make it look as though there wasn’t any damage done at all.

If this does happen, it is not very likely at all that your shingles will seal themselves back to the roof after they’ve been lifted. If you’ve had uplifts occur in your shingles, you’re either going to need to replace the entire roof, or the large area where the uplifts occurred, so you can restore the roof to its pre-storm condition.

You’ll need to contact a professional roofing contractor in New Bern, NC to make sure this is the only option available to you—some roofs hold up well during hurricanes, so yours might not have been affected to the point where you need to spring for some significantly expensive repairs. Of course, that means you need to be able to discern the level of damage your roof sustained.

Analyzing your roof damage after a storm with strong winds

So how exactly can you tell if the shingles on your roof sustained this type of damage during a storm?

There are some obvious signs, like shingles that have blown off the roof entirely. This is a sign that there is probably more underlying damage to your roof than what you can already see. There are also some other symptoms you should be aware of, including shingles that you can clearly see have lifted up, loss of granules, nails pulled through holes, uneven lines and crack lines. You might also start to see leaks forming in your home, which is always a sure sign that there’s something wrong up on top of your roof.

The best way to determine how you can repair your roof is always going to be to work with a professional roofer. If you do have damage that requires major repairs or roof replacement, it’s recommended that you file a claim on your homeowner’s insurance and report the storm damage to your insurance company.

There are certain types of shingles that are designed to withstand strong winds, so if you’re working with a roofing contractor in New Bern, NC, make sure you ask about these options, especially if you have experienced storms with strong winds in your area in the past.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to analyze the damage to your roof after a storm or about the types of shingles you can get that will be more resistant to that kind of damage, contact the team at Dallas Cherry Roofing today. We look forward to working with you!

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