How to Protect Your Roof from Cold Weather

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Just as you take the necessary steps to weatherproof the inside of your home for the winter months ahead, keeping your roof protected from the inclement weather with proper roofing maintenance should be a top priority as well. Getting caught with a failing roof during the winter is a situation that no homeowner wants to face, and following these winter roofing tips in New Bern, NC can help to ensure your roof is ready for another winter season:

  • Be proactive: If your roof has been on the decline for a while after weakening and depreciating over the years, taking care of any necessary repairs before the inclement weather hits can go a long way in getting your roof safely through the winter months. If there are any noticeable leaks or missing or cracked shingles, have them repaired as soon as possible, as the weather will only serve to worsen their condition over the course of the next few months.
  • Maintain your insulation: The amount of insulation you have inside your home will also be a key factor in how well your roof is able to hold up during the winter. If the heated air in your home is escaping through your attic due to poor insulation, ice dams can begin to form as this warm air melts the ice and snow on your roof. When you have ice dams on the eaves of your roof, any additional precipitation that falls will begin to accumulate, increasing the weight your roof has to support. Making sure your attic has sufficient insulation will not only help to keep your roof protected during the winter, but can also lower your heating bills as an added bonus.
  • Trim tree limbs: If there are large tree branches that are hanging over your house, any ice and snow resting on them could eventually fall off onto your roof, creating even more unnecessary weight that it will have to withstand. Have any excess limbs and branches trimmed before the winter to avoid the costly damage that this could cause.
  • Keep your gutters clean: Your gutters will also play a role in keeping your roof protected during the winter. If your gutters are still filled with the remnants of fall’s debris by the time the snow starts coming down, hazardous damage from ice dam formation could result. Make sure that your gutters are cleaned regularly, but particularly in the months leading up to the winter.

One of the best ways to ensure your roof is ready for whatever lies ahead is by calling on the help of experienced winter roofing specialists. Knowledgeable professionals know what to look for, and have the resources and equipment to successfully diagnose the roofing maintenance in New Bern, NC that is needed to make sure your roof is ready for another winter.

This is exactly what our team at Dallas Cherry Roofing has done for the past 20-plus years, and it is our mission to do whatever it takes to ensure that your roof can make it through another winter without incident. Call us today to learn about the vast array of roofing services we provide and to schedule your appointment.

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