How to Prepare Your Home for a Roof Installation in New Bern, NC

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Replacing a roof is one the biggest improvements homeowners can make. This type of job takes time, money and planning, but is absolutely a worthwhile investment for you and your family. Ready to put a new roof over your head? Here’s how to prepare your home for a roof installation in New Bern, NC:

  • Do your homework: There are two parts to this point: researching roofing companies for your project and giving yourself a crash course in roof replacement. Above all else, the pros encourage homeowners to talk to two to three roofing contractors before choosing someone to work with. Ask them about their experience in the industry, get references, browse portfolios and get estimates from each contractor, then compare the information. Additionally, read up on the basics of roof replacement as a way to ease your mind.
  • Make plans for kids and pets: The noise that takes place during the roof tear-off and installation processes can be disruptive and upsetting to small kids and pets. That said, even though the work will be done on the outside of your house, it’s best to make arrangements for children and pets to stay with someone else when crews are working.
  • Inform your neighbors: Installing a new roof can boost the value of not only your property, but the value of properties around you as well. Just don’t let your project be a surprise to your neighborhood. Although it’s not required, try to be a good neighbor and let your immediate neighbors know when roofing will begin and end. Do this as a courtesy so they too can prepare for noise and dust, and take precautions as needed for their children and pets.
  • Move or cover items in the attic: Plans for roof preparation in New Bern, NC need to include the attic and crawl spaces. Consider moving or covering any boxes and other items that are stored in the attic to protect them from dust and debris created during the roof installation process. Move small items, or secure old sheets, towels, drop cloths or plastic sheets over heavy or bulky items that are too difficult to move.
  • Prep the outside and clear paths: The roofing crew will need access to your roof, first to tear out the old roofing materials and second to install the new roof. They’ll be carrying materials and tools up to your roof, as well as bring a dumpster to fill with debris. To accommodate all this, make sure the driveway, side yards or alleys and other pathways are clear for crews to walk through. Move patio furniture, grills, play sets, potted plants and other outdoor items to the garage or cover them with tarps.
  • Prep the inside of the house: When tools are banging on the roof, your home’s frame can vibrate to the point that mirrors and framed photos on the wall, light fixtures on the ceiling and items on bookshelves may shift. Consider moving such things to the ground.

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