How to File an Insurance Claim for Roof Damage in New Bern, NC After a Storm

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You have no control over severe weather events. Heavy rain and winds can happen at any time, and all you can do is be prepared. If you’re a homeowner, here’s a short guide to help you file an insurance claim for roof damage in New Bern, NC after a storm.

Review your insurance policy

It’s important to know that some policies may not offer full insurance coverage for residential roofs that are more than 10 years old, while others may require you to file a claim as soon as possible. But many homeowners don’t review their insurance policies every year, even though it’s not unusual for plans and coverage to change. Not knowing the specifics of how to deal with a storm-damaged roof (according to your policy) can leave you overwhelmed.

Check your roof’s warranty

After storm damage, check your roof’s warranty. You might be surprised to find out that certain damaged parts are still covered under a product warranty. You should know that the difference between a home insurance policy for roofs and a warranty has a lot to do with the extent of the damage.

A roof warranty claim comes into play if the roof can be salvaged in any way. An insurance claim typically pays out if it’s a near or total loss or irreparable. For instance, a majority of roof leaks that are the result of faulty parts or installation are covered under warranty, while insurance focuses on damage caused by events, such as major storms.

Include minor damage in your claim

Be sure to not overlook minor roof damage and problems in your official storm damage claim in New Bern, NC. A good example of this is small shingle damage caused by a storm event. Because homeowners are often assessing the damage done to their roofs from the ground, it’s not at all uncommon to miss minor damages like missing or broken shingles. The slightest damage to shingles can allow water to seep through to the inside of your house, which can cause damage to your belongings.

Document in words and pictures

Only when the storm has passed and it’s safe to go outside again should you start documenting the damage. Grab a notebook and camera, stand back from your roof and scan with your eyes. For safety’s sake, don’t climb up on a roof that’s been damaged in a storm. The goal here is to take your own detailed notes and clear photographs of any damage to your roof.

Call a professional roofer for an inspection

In addition to your own documentation, you’ll need to call a professional roofer to conduct a thorough inspection of the roof. A roofing contractor will perform a thorough check of your storm-damaged roof and give a report of all identifiable damages and issues to your insurance adjuster.

Never ignore roof damage in New Bern, NC. No matter the size or duration of the storm, roof repairs and replacements must be completed as soon as possible. Let the team at Dallas Cherry Roofing guide you through your options!

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