How to Avoid Roofing Scams

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After a bad hailstorm, you’re bound to see tons of roofing contractors going door to door, seeing if anyone needs roof repairs. The problem is that some of these people might not actually be licensed and insured roofing contractors in New Bern, NC. Instead, they’re scammers looking to make a quick buck off an unsuspecting homeowner. The good news is that spotting these shady characters isn’t all that tricky. Keep reading to learn how to identify and avoid con artists.

Are they licensed and insured?

Asking if the roofer is licensed and insured is the quickest way to tell whether or not they’re a scammer. Any reputable contractor is licensed by the state and carries insurance to protect employees and property. If the contractor can’t show proof that he’s licensed and insured, end the conversation as soon as possible and do not work with them.

What’s their safety record?

Roofing work is inherently dangerous. While accidents do happen, every good contractor knows to put safety above all else. To help ensure workplace safety, reputable contractors also provide regular OSHA safety training for their employees. Ask the contractor if they provide this training and how many accidents have occurred in the past few months. If the number is high, you’re well-advised to avoid them.

Can they give you an accurate quote?

No two roofs are exactly alike, which is why no two quotes for roof work can be the same. Although estimates by nature are just that, a reliable and experienced contractor should be able to give you a detailed quote for the repairs you need. The estimate should be detailed and outline the cost for each aspect of the project. If the roofer won’t give you a detailed quote, he’s probably not a legitimate licensed and insured roofing contractor in New Bern, NC.

Will there be on-site supervision?

Since roofing requires years of experience to master, reputable roofing companies will typically have an expert on-site to supervise all the laborers. In addition to ensuring the job is done right, a supervisor can also help prevent any injuries from occurring. Ask if the contractor plans to have a supervisor overseeing the project each day, or if the workers will be on their own.

Will they give you references?

Most experienced contractors have a long list of satisfied clients that will serve as their references. If the roofer doesn’t have any references or is hesitant to provide them, this could be an indication that they’re either illegitimate or don’t perform quality work. In either case, you should look elsewhere for roofing services.

What do their reviews say?

The contractor might not be able to give any references if past clients don’t want to be contacted. Luckily, the internet can give you answers! There are tons of websites that allow former customers to post reviews of contractors they’ve worked with in the past. If the roofer doesn’t have a four- or five-star average, you should probably avoid them altogether.

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