How the Summer Damages Your Roof

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The last item on a homeowner’s to-do list is usually a roof inspection. However, there are numerous summer roof problems that will catch you off guard if neglected for too long. Below are the most common roof problems that show up during New Bern, NC summers and what you can do about them.

Heat dries out the shingles

Homeowners should be wary of the New Bern, NC summers. While they’re outside soaking up the sun’s rays, so are their roof shingles. Heat from the sun slowly dries out the shingles on your roof, especially if they’re made of asphalt. Since this roof problem happens over time, homeowners don’t think much of it until they notice cracks in the shingles. In severe cases, cracked shingles will peel off and leave your roof completely vulnerable to the elements.

Avoid this summer roof problem by scheduling annual maintenance with your local contractor. They can detect the early signs of heat damage and suggest the proper course of action to prevent cracked shingles. Unfortunately, cracked and dry shingles aren’t something homeowners can fix on their own. Only a trained roofing contractor can repair the damage and have your roof looking and functioning like new again.

Humidity rots wooden structures

Those concerned about heat escaping in the winter reinforce their attics with extra insulation. While insulation makes homes more energy efficient, attics need proper ventilation during the warm months so excessive moisture doesn’t collect along the roof rafters. Humidity levels increase once it gets hot outside, and the same happens in your home. Attics with inadequate ventilation allow moisture to sit on the roof’s structure and rot wood over time.

Excessive humidity is a summer roof problem that must be taken seriously. Rotting wood weakens support beams and undermines the roof’s structural integrity. Unstable roofs have little defense against a severe thunderstorm or fallen trees. Ask your local roofing contractor in New Bern, NC to stop by once a year and determine whether you need to dehumidify the attic.

Moisture promotes moss growth

Humidity causes roof problems other than wood rot. Moss thrives in damp, shady environments like roofs that receive inadequate ventilation. During the summer, moss absorbs moisture from the attic and plants its roots in between the shingles. As the moss grows, it forces shingles apart and lets rainwater seep into the roof. This in turn adds moisture to the moss’s environment and continues the growth cycle.

Moss is another example of what can happen when homeowners underestimate the need for annual roof inspections. With so many problems that arise during the summer, it’s the best time of year to detect the early onset of moss growth. Your local contractor will provide solutions to excessive moisture and properly remove moss that has already taken root.

Before getting swept up in the excitement of summer vacation, set aside time for your roof’s annual inspection in New Bern, NC. The contractors at Dallas Cherry Roofing have been in the business for decades and will save you from costly future damages by identifying the early signs of moss, cracked shingles and excessive humidity. Don’t wait a second longer—book your next inspection with professionals who prioritize the safety of your home.

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