How Long Can I Expect My Roof System to Last?

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The roof is one of the most important structural elements of your home. It is your primary layer of protection against the elements like wind, rain, sleet, snow and hail, and takes a lot of abuse every year due to its constant exposure to these elements. Fully replacing a roof is a significant investment that will set you back thousands of dollars, so it’s understandable for homeowners to be nervous about having to make that investment. While signing a roof maintenance contract with a contractor in New Bern, NC can certainly help you extend the life of your roof, the time to replace it will inevitably come some day.

The good news is that today’s roofing materials have significantly improved in quality and are capable of lasting quite a long time. While you still have some roofing materials that will last you the standard 20 to 30 years you’d get in previous decades, there are other types of roofing materials that will last you 50 years or more, barring significant storms or other forms of damage.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect in terms of lifespan based on certain types of materials:

  • Asphalt shingles: Far and away the most common type of roofing material, asphalt shingles exist on more than 80 percent of homes due to their affordability and their warranties. These shingles will generally last 15 to 30 years, and offer protection against UV rays, wind and rain.
  • Architectural shingles: Architectural shingles seal in much the same way asphalt shingles do, with an asphalt underside that gets sticky in the sun and creates a watertight seal underneath. However, these shingles are thicker than standard asphalt shingles, and create a stronger roof as a result. You can find options that mimic wood, slate and tile. Warranties will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but you can expect these roofs to last you at least three decades.
  • Wood shingles: Wood shingle roofs, also known as “shakes,” can last you up to 30 years, but require much more maintenance than standard shingles. Over time they will weather to a silvery gray appearance. You’ll need to inspect this kind of roof much more frequently, and quickly repair any split or damaged shingles to prevent further damage to your roof.
  • Clay tile: Clay tile roofs are extremely durable, capable of lasting 50 years or more. However, they are also the most expensive option, largely due to this durability. Manufacturers offer warranties that can stretch from 30 years to a lifetime.
  • Metal roofs: Metal roofs can last up to 70 years, and you’ll find them at a wide range of price points in aluminum and steel varieties. Prices hinge on the thickness of the material. The thicker the metal, the more durable and long-lasting it’s likely to be. Cheaper metal roofs might only last you 20 to 25 years, but the higher end versions will last decades more.

Interested in learning more about how long you can expect your roof to last you? Contact a roof repair contractor in New Bern, NC at Dallas Cherry Roofing with any questions. We will be happy to be of assistance.

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