How Is Your Roof Affected by Summer?

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Summer is often a time for taking vacations, relaxing by the pool and enjoying cookouts with friends and family. As you take in the joys of summer, don’t forget how the warm weather is affecting your property. The summer season can be particularly harsh on your roof. The heat can cause damages that require repairs by a roofing contractor in New Bern, NC.

These damages can be caused by a variety of summer conditions. The following are the most common factors you should be aware of as you enter the summer season:

  • UV rays: The sun’s ultraviolet rays can take a toll on your roof. They can dry out shingles. Over time, they can cause shingles to crack. Worn shingles can fall from the roof, leaving exposed materials that can suffer damage. If you notice any visible shingle damage or missing shingles, contact a roofing contractor in New Bern, NC to inspect and repair your roof.
  • Stuffy attics: If your attic is not properly ventilated, the resulting conditions can shorten the lifespan of your roof. The heat bakes your roof from the inside. It can also encourage moisture buildup, since poorly ventilated areas quickly become humid. Keep your attic well ventilated, and if it has been poorly ventilated in the past, consider having your roof inspected for damages this may have caused.
  • Winds: Summer storms can involve hefty winds. These can rip shingles out of place or loosen them. When this happens, your roof is left vulnerable to the elements. If you experience a windy day or a storm, follow up with a roof inspection. If you notice any shingles on the ground or see parts of your roof are missing shingles, don’t hesitate to contact a roofing contractor in New Bern, NC.
  • Rains: Summer storms do more than blow your shingles around. An older roof or damaged roof may allow moisture into your home. Downpours can result in disastrous indoor showers that ruin structural materials or interior decorations. Watch for leaks around the perimeter of your ceilings and in your attic, where they are often missed. Catching these early on will save you headache, time and money with repairs.
  • Heat waves: Summer days can bring extreme temperatures. Your roof may heat up in 100-degree weather during a sunny afternoon, then cool down dramatically overnight. This frequent heating and cooling causes repeated expansion and contraction of the materials. Over time, this can cause splitting and cracking. Keep an eye out for damage or contact a roofing contractor in New Bern, NC to perform a professional inspection and make any necessary repairs.

Don’t let your property succumb to the effects of summer. Keep your roof properly maintained with help from a roofing contractor in New Bern, NC. As things heat up this season, contact the experts at Dallas Cherry Roofing for inspections and repairs. We will partner with you to protect your property this season and in the seasons to come. Reach out to us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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