Five Dangers of a Leaky Roof

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Whether it’s due to a storm or normal wear and tear, there are several reasons why roofs may start to leak. Regardless of why your roof springs a leak, it can cause a number of problems around your home. Keep reading to learn more about the hazards of a leaking roof and why you need to call a roofer to address leaks immediately:

  • Attic and ceiling damage: When your roof starts to leak, the attic will be the first place the water affects. Among other problems in the attic, water can damage all of your precious items in storage. If the leak is bad enough, that water will drip through the attic and damage your ceiling. The first sign that the water has dripped through to your ceiling is darkened and bubbling plaster. If it’s not fixed quickly, the ceiling will start to buckle and can eventually cave in. Call a roofing company in New Bern, NC as soon as you notice a leak to save your items in the attic and prevent problems with your ceiling.
  • Compromised structural integrity: If you’re really unlucky, the water damage won’t stop in the attic or ceiling. Water can drip along the rafters, ceiling joists and wall framing. This dripping water eventually deteriorates and weakens the wood. Over time, the wood can totally fall apart or collapse. Needless to say, that’s going to be an expensive repair! Be sure to call for roofing repairs sooner rather than later, and you can avoid paying to repair your home’s framing.
  • Interior mold issues: One of the biggest long-term threats from a leak is mold growth. If a leak is bad enough, mold can start to grow and quickly spread throughout your home. If you notice mold growth, it’s best to call a mold remediation expert as soon as possible. Many types of mold are dangerous and need to be taken care of very quickly to prevent long-term health risks and serious damage to your home.
  • Fire hazard: The only thing that’s worse than a leak in your home is a fire. Unfortunately, you could end up with both problems at once if there’s any water near exposed electrical wires in your attic. If water touches an exposed wire, it could short out and start a fire. Never try to fix an electrical problem by yourself! Avoid electrocuting yourself by calling an electrician to fix your wire situation.
  • Slipping and falling: Last but certainly not least, a leaking ceiling can lead to a puddle forming on the floor. While that might not be a problem in some homes, it can lead to slip and fall injuries if you have children running around your house. If your leak is bad enough, be sure you have a mop and bucket on hand to clean up puddles as soon as they form.

If you notice any of these problems in your home, call Dallas Cherry Remodeling & Construction. We’re the top roofing company in New Bern, NC and our experts can repair or replace roofs of any size or scope.

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