Can You Reroof in the Winter in New Bern?

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The winter in New Bern is one of the most gorgeous times to call yourself a North Carolinian—that is, unless you’re having problems with your home’s roof. Then the winter can suddenly seem excessively damp, uncomfortable and even foreboding If you’re familiar with roofing at all, you’re likely aware that traditional wisdom says you should avoid putting on a new roof during the winter. That said, sometimes it’s a requirement.

So, can you reroof your home in the winter? The short answer: it’s possible, but you’re going to need a professional’s help. If you find yourself in need of a new roof in the winter, be sure to call a licensed and insured roofing contractor in New Bern, NC.

Definite “no” conditions

There are a few circumstances in which you shouldn’t put a new roof on your home. It probably goes without saying, but you should never put on a new roof during inclement weather. Exposing the material under your roof to rain or snow can have a tremendously negative impact on your home’s overall health.

The second instance in which you should avoid putting a new roof on your home is if the weather is too cold. Shingles put on a roof at temperatures below 30 degrees can be too brittle to nail in. Fortunately, the temperature in New Bern tends to stay in the optimal range, regardless of what time of year you’re installing new shingles.

Beyond those two no-go conditions, your licensed and insured roof repair contractor in New Bern, NC will need to take several precautions to ensure a stable final product.

Roofing in the winter

Here are some of the most important factors that need to be accounted for when your roofing crew is working during the winter months:

  • Pick an adhesive that won’t freeze before you can affix your roofing materials to it.
  • Shingles will be more fragile in the winter, so extra care should be used when nailing them in.
  • A thermal sealant will need to be applied, and that will require at least a few days in a row of 40-degree temperatures or higher.

Most importantly, you should ensure your roofer isn’t removing more of your roof than they can replace in a single day. You don’t want to be caught unprotected if a sudden rain or snowstorm should blow through.

Your roofing professionals

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