Can Old Roofing Shingles Be Recycled?

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New contributions arrive at local landfills each and every day. Household garbage, commercial trash and bulky items make up the majority of landfill waste. And then there’s non-biodegradable refuse from home improvement projects—like shingles from roof replacements.

You don’t want to contribute more waste to landfills, but you really need a new roof. Any homeowner who’s about to replace a roof should wonder what will become of their old roofing shingles and other materials, preferably before scheduling their roof replacement. The good news is that while roof materials typically can’t be reused, some can be recycled.

Recycling old roofing materials in New Bern, NC is a real thing. Professionals in the roofing industry know about the shingle recycling process. Homeowners interested in being in the know should continue reading. Here are the most frequently asked questions about shingle recycling.

What is asphalt recycling? What does it get recycled into?

If at all possible, asphalt shingles should be recycled instead of being sent to a landfill. This is the process of taking old and worn asphalt shingles from roof tear-offs and rounding them up for reuse elsewhere in an effort to keep them out of landfills. Interestingly enough, the number one use of recycled shingles is for paving or patching up roads. Ground-up asphalt shingles get added to the pavement, which can improve the quality of the surface. Other uses include making new roofing and road maintenance products.

What are the benefits of recycling old asphalt shingles?

The top benefit of recycling asphalt shingles (or any recyclable material, for that matter) is keeping non-biodegradable materials out of landfills. Shingle recycling is also economical, and if this service is available in your area, recycling shingles can be very convenient. Asphalt shingle recycling brings jobs to recycling locations and reduces costs for road paving.

Can other types of roofing shingles be recycled?

Yes! Clay and concrete tiles can also be recycled. They get ground down and reused as gravel in construction projects and landscaping, or mixed into materials for sidewalks and other walking paths. However, these types of recycling facilities are less common than those that take asphalt shingles. Wood shake and metal roofing recycling services may be available in your area as well.

Do all roofing companies recycle old shingles?

Not all roofing contractors offer shingle recycling services, whether it’s because they choose not to recycle or because there are no nearby shingle recycling facilities. If recycling is important to you (and hopefully it is), make sure you find a company that does recycle shingles before the start of your project. (Find a contractor involved in the Owens Corning Roofing and Asphalt Shingle Recycling Program here.)

Don’t assume the old roofing materials from your New Bern, NC roof should go straight to the dump. Before you finalize the plans for your roof project, contact a few local roofing companies and ask if they participate in a shingle recycling program. Dallas Cherry Roofing is an Owens Corning preferred contractor, which means we are on their list of roofers who offer this service. Call us today to learn more!

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