Advice from a Roofing Contractor in New Bern, NC: Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your Roof?

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If something breaks around your house, you usually have two options to choose between: you can have it repaired, or you can go out and replace the broken item with a brand new one. On a larger scale, the same can be said for your roof. You have two options when you need to call a roofing contractor in New Bern, NC: you can have your contractor repair your roof, or you can have your contractor replace the whole thing. There are pros to each decision—keep reading to find out what they are!

How old is your roof?

It should come as no surprise that roofs don’t last forever. In addition to time taking its toll on your roof, Mother Nature can wreak absolute havoc on it. Heavy rains, strong winds and devastation from hail cause millions of dollars worth of roof damage each year across the country. That being said, if you have an older roof that’s taken a beating over the past few decades, it may be time to go ahead and totally replace your roof instead of paying for repairs. Speak to your roofing contractor about the age of your roof and whether or not it may be worth replacing to ensure your house stays safe and dry during the next big storm.

Are there any time constraints?

Replacing a roof can take quite a bit longer than making smaller repairs. If you need your roof back to normal condition as quickly as possible, it’s probably not the best idea to have your roofing contractor in New Bern, NC replace it entirely. On the flip side, if you can wait a few weeks until everything is back to normal, you may want to opt for replacement. Give us a call today to talk about the time difference between repairs and replacement!

What’s the additional cost for replacement?

Although roof repairs may seem to cost you a pretty penny, replacement can be much more expensive. Replacement, of course, depends on the size of your roof and the types of shingles you choose to install. However, we’ve seen many instances in which the cost to replace a roof isn’t all that much more than the cost to repair it. If the repair costs are slightly lower than replacement costs, it may make more financial sense to pay to replace your roof. Give us a call today to speak to one of our experts about how much it’ll cost to replace your roof versus the cost to make repairs. You can trust that we offer the fairest deals in the area for the highest quality work

Regardless of whether you choose to repair or replace your roof, the experts at Dallas Cherry Remodeling & Construction are the contractors you should hire to do it. We have years of experience in the industry, and you can trust that we’re able to handle any type of roofing situation. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and our prices!

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