Why Your Business Should Consider Solar Energy

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Many of us have heard about solar panels for homes, but you might not be as familiar with solar panels for businesses. Whether the company is large or small, any business could benefit from solar panel installation. Keep reading to learn a few reasons a business should use solar energy on its roof.

How does solar energy benefit commercial businesses?

If you’re a business owner or property manager, here are a few great reasons to consider making the switch to solar energy:

  • Increases cash flow: Solar panels slash your electric bill—sometimes down to $0 per month! The less money you have to spend on your bills, the more money you’ll have on your balance sheet for other things. Take your energy bill savings and put it towards holiday bonuses for your employees, or buy that expensive piece of equipment you’ve been needing.
  • Predict future energy bills: Make life easier on your accountants by giving them an idea of how much your company will spend on electric bills throughout the year. They’ll have an easier time making a yearly budget with this knowledge, which could mean good news for your company.
  • Raises property value: One of the reasons a business should use solar energy on their roof is that the panels can increase property value. The actual dollar amount depends on things like your location and the number of panels, but your property will be worth more after installing solar panels.
  • Helps your brand image: Every company wants to look good in the public eye, and it never hurts to be seen as an eco-friendly operation. A quick way to be seen as a “green” business is to install solar panels. By installing solar panels, you’ll be helping the environment and yourself.
  • High reliability and low maintenance: Because they’re made of durable materials and designed to handle extreme weather, solar panels are relatively maintenance free. We do recommend hiring a professional to perform a yearly inspection, but other than that, you can just install them and forget them.
  • Tax credits available: The government wants everyone to consider investing in solar. To move people in that direction, they offer tax credits to help offset the cost of the panels and installation. You can get up to a 26 percent tax credit from the federal government if you install panels by the end of the year.
  • Solar panels are more affordable than ever: Solar panels were outrageously expensive and not all that efficient just a few years ago. Thankfully, that’s all changed. In fact, solar panel prices have fallen by 70 percent over the last decade. Part of the price reduction is due to tax credits and cash rebates, so take advantage of your cost savings while you can.

How is your roof holding up?

The first step in installing solar panels is getting an assessment to ensure your roof is up to code. If it’s been a while since you’ve had an inspection or made roof repairs, hire our team at Dallas Cherry Roofing. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how solar energy benefits commercial businesses.

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