How to Avoid Roof Damage from Trees

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If you live in an area with large trees, you’ve surely had the experience of looking up and wondering what might happen if one came down on your house. While this is a worst-case scenario, there are actually a variety of less dramatic ways in which trees can cause damage to your home’s roof. Fortunately, there are more methods for being proactive about tree health and maintenance than you might expect.

That said, accidents and damage can still occur despite your best efforts at prevention and preparation. If this ever happens to you, working with a qualified roof repair contractor in New Bern, NC is the only way to make sure you’re having any repairs done right. Contact Dallas Cherry Roofing if anything happens to your home’s roof!

Prune branches regularly

An entire tree falling is not the only way in which a roof can be damaged or destroyed. Branches of all sizes can cause damage that require the services of a roof repair contractor in New Bern, NC, so you want to be especially attentive to any that look sick or dead. These should be promptly and safely pruned back so you’re not surprised if they fall during the next storm. Otherwise, you could be looking at dents or punctures to your roof that require expensive repairs if the wind picks up and branches start dropping onto your home.

Prevent debris buildup

Falling debris like pine needles and leaves might seem like little more than an annoyance, but in reality, they can do quite a bit of damage to your home’s roof. If they collect and accumulate on the roof itself, they can quickly gather moisture, which can work its way under your shingles and cause significant damage. A licensed and insured roofing contractor in New Bern, NC can advise you on how to best clean this type of material off the roof and out of the gutters, since accumulation there can also cause water to back up under the shingles and put strain on the roof.

Watch for shaded areas

Any roof repair contractor in New Bern, NC will tell you that the shade from trees is a pleasant benefit that keeps your house cool in the summer, but what happens when parts of your roof never really see the sun? Typically, this is where we see problems like moss and lichen develop. While they’re not dangerous in and of themselves, they still serve as another landing place for water to accumulate and chip away at the roof’s integrity. Fortunately, to counter this, roofing supply companies sell algae-resistant shingles or sprays that can help you get this problem under control.

Taking care of your roof and protecting it from trees comes down to diligent preparation and attentiveness. However, working with trees can be quite dangerous, so it’s smart to call a professional arborist to give you a hand. If your roof ever sustains damage from trees or other factors, or even needs a full replacement, we hope you’ll give Dallas Cherry Roofing a call for safe, efficient service.

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